March is National Nutrition Month. Is your Plate in shape?


National Nutrition Month at ARAMARK

Get Your Plate in ShapeARAMARK is committed to advancing health and wellness during every month of the year, but in March, which is National Nutrition Month, our dietitians and culinary professionals will heighten the focus on the importance of making informed food choices and developing sound eating and physical activity habits. 

This site highlights just a few of the ways we support the health and wellness goals of our employees, our clients, our customers and our communities. Click on a story below to read more...

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ARAMARK Takes “MyPlate” to Customers, Clients, Communities  Healthy Families, Healthy Communities  Nutrition Expertise with a Few Keystrokes 
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Chef Patrick Brings Fruits, Vegetables to Life to Engage Kids  Student Input Meets Culinary Creativity in Healthy New Campus Menus  First Lady Touts Healthy Dining at Little Rock Air Force Base